Fire Research & Education at SDSU

Economic Impact of Wildfires

A major goal of firefighting agencies is to keep 95 percent of wildfires at 10 acres or less. Achieving this goal with ever tightening resources is the purpose of a new San Diego State University study. The 2010 California Wildfire Staffing Study finds that the ability to effectively and economically control wildfires in California depends on the state's capacity to provide adequate firefighter staffing.

Provided by Dr. Matt Rahn, SDSU.

Economic Impact of Wildfires

Researchers studying the 2003 San Diego wildfires looked at factors not typically analyzed after a major wildfire, and found that the actual economic impact of that fire was more than $2 billion more than was actually estimated.

Provided by Dr. Matt Rahn, SDSU.

Wildfire Alert!

Wildfire Alert! displays a map of current wildfire danger in the San Diego region, and automatically sends alert messages to the public when fire danger becomes extreme.

Provided by Field Stations Program in the College of Sciences, SDSU. provides current maps and GIS products during large wildfire events in the San Diego region, including current fire perimeters and satellite images.

Provided by Dr. Ming Tsou and the GIS Force Group in the Department of Geography, SDSU.

San Diego Wildfire Education Project

San Diego Wildfire Education Project assists students in grades K-8, and their teachers, in understanding, appreciating, and participating in the environmental recovery process following both the 2007 and 2003 San Diego wildfires.

Provided by Interwork Institute, SDSU.

Understanding Evacuation Traffic Dynamics During a Wildfire Emergency

This project explores how traffic would move when north-central San Diego County communities are evacuated during a wildfire emergency.

The project is lead by Dr. James Banks, Professor Emeritus, Department of Engineering, SDSU.

Bobcats and Fire

Bobcats and Fire explores the landscape effects of fire and development on bobcats, a wide-ranging carnivore species. The project studies the effects of wildfire and urbanization on bobcat behavior, habitat use and population health in chaparral landscape throughout San Diego County.

Provided by Conservation Ecology Lab, SDSU.

Landscape Simulation Modeling of Fire and Succession in Southern California

Vegetation and Lanscape Ecology Lab studies the effect of land management on fire regimes and landscape-scale vegetation patterns in the transverse and peninsular mountain ranges of Southern California.

Provided by Department of Biology, SDSU.